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Ypso-Ionic® by Ypso-Facto. The ion exchange and chromatographic process simulation software.

Ypso Facto

Ypso-Ionic Software: simulation of ion exchange
and chromatographic processes


Ypso-Ionic® is a software solution for designing chromatographic processes.

It maximizes the value of experimental data and makes predictive simulation a game changer.

It is based on the understanding and the description of the fundamental phenomena at stake. It maximizes the value of your experimental data and allows to explore operating conditions via predictive simulation.

This enables the design of optimized processes with minimal experimental burden.

Ionic Key strength

A unique feature of Ionic is the way it deals with ions: it offers the possibility to account for solution equilibria (e.g., acid-base or complexation) in combination with a rigorous description of interaction mechanisms with the solid media.

Why Ionic?

Does pH matter in your separation process? Do you work with mineral ions? With organic buffers? With proteins, peptides, or oligonucleotides whose retention behaviour is dramatically impacted by their charge?

If yes, properly dealing with ions and thus using IONIC is a must!

If no, that’s also fine, this will just make the calculations easier

A wide range of applications

  • Ionic can be used for various types of chromatography:
    Ion exchange, adsorption, affinity, hydrophobic interactions, size exclusion, ion exclusion, chelation, etc
  • … from the simplest to the most complex molecules:
    mineral ions, sugars, organic acids, amino acids, oligonucleotides, proteins, monoclonal antibodies, etc
  • … with any kind of process configuration:
    single-column or multicolumn, isocratic or gradient, backflush, with or without recycling, etc

Key features

Two complementary means to adress your challenges: experimental data (X) and predictive simulations (P)


  • Collect and structure experimental data to ensure data completeness and reusability: our Y|F Data format associates the experimental protocol (column dimensions, raw materials composition, flowrates, etc) with clearly labelled measured results (UV, pH, conductivity, species concentration, etc)
  • Visualize experimental results thanks to flexible graph tools – possibly overlaying online measurements with offline fraction analyses
  • Easily extract relevant information from experimental data: check mass balance, calculate purity of mock pools, estimate productivity and eluent consumption, etc


  • Enjoy the predictive capabilities of the most advanced mechanistic models in a user-friendly interface
  • Simulate outlet concentration profiles as well as signals like pH and conductivity
  • Apply automatic post-treatments to calculate fractograms, mock pools, performance indicators (purity, yield, productivity, eluent consumption)
  • Easily compare experiments with simulations
  • Investigate the impact of key operating parameters (loading, flowrate, pH, salt concentration, gradient slope, column dimensions, etc) and predict behaviours in non-explored regions
  • Use our Buffer preparation tool to get recipes based on specified targets (e.g., target pH and concentration)

Single column systems

Simply define whether you work in isocratic or in gradient mode, whether you perform simple injections or run complex multi-step sequencing and Ypso-Ionic will simulate the corresponding process.

Multi-column chromatography

Get access to the most sophisticated multi-column chromatography (MCC) systems in a few clicks. Beside the conventional SMB, the main commercial MCC set-ups are pre-configured based on publicly available information. This makes comparison between commercial options straightforward. Moreover, you can design and simulate any multi-column configuration and operating sequence that you have in mind.

Play with chemistry

In contrast to chromatographic simulators, Ypso-Ionic also models the ionic nature of the species, the exchange phenomenon and the solution chemistry equilibria (complexation, acid-base reactions, etc.) Add a salt or remove a species in the feed solution or in the eluent and you will immediately get access to the consequences on your process.


GPX® Concept - Leveraging 3 complementary means to address your challenges.

Guess – the ability of the experts to propose, anticipate, imagine... some routes or performances

Predictive Simulation – for a better understanding of your process, to anticipate issues and make rational decisions

eXperimental data – the hard foundation of the project, which needs to be well targeted, structured and analyzed.

Typical examples of use

  • Transform data into knowledge
  • Quantify the impact of key operating parameters
  • Train your team on chromatographic processes
  • Optimize technical performances
  • Identify the design space
  • Use simulation as a troubleshooting tool
  • What's more

    Ypso-Ionic® is the chromatography unit operation App within Ypso-Proxima®, our collaborative software suite for chemical and bioprocess development, optimization, and evaluation. Ionic is compatible with the other Apps of Proxima – making Ionic results directly exploitable to perform an economic evaluation.

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